Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and you want it to be amazing. It is 24 hours of excitement, activity, friends, family, dancing. But like any other day, it only lasts 24 hours and so making sure that you have your timeline carefully planned will enable you to really make the most of your day. 

See our top tips for planning your wedding day timeline:

You have so much to do on the morning before the ceremony, so make sure that you start early! From hair styling, to make up, to getting dressed and taking some early photographs, there is a lot to do. We recommend getting up early and having some time to relax before you need to get started. Have a nice bath, pamper yourself and have a cup of tea. You have an exciting day ahead, so start off with some TLC!

The Ceremony 
The earlier that the ceremony takes place, the more time you will have to enjoy your day to the full. An afternoon ceremony is the best way to do this, starting around 12pm-2pm. This gives you the full day to celebrate with your guests! Your reception can take place immediately after the ceremony.

Wedding Breakfast
Since the ceremony started in the afternoon, you and your guests will be hungry by the early evening. We recommend having the wedding breakfast start at 5pm or 6pm as this gives you time after the ceremony to enjoy your reception and have some photographs taken. Having a suitable amount of time between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast makes your day much more enjoyable, as you need time to relax, catch up with family and friends, take photographs and even have a drink (or two!) Make sure that you make time for speeches after the wedding breakfast! 

Evening Reception
Your evening reception should start shortly after dinner. Around 8pm is a great time to get everything started. This gives people enough time to mingle after dinner and allows time for any evening guests to arrive. An evening buffet is also a great idea to keep hungry guests energised after a long day. 9pm to 9.30pm is a great time for this as guests will already have been dancing and enjoying the party for some time. 

Whatever you choose, you will enjoy your day so much more by planning these details in advance! 


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